Who Chooses Men’s Messenger Bags?

I am regular at a coffee house in central Bath where life comes and goes and I have watched more than a few mini dramas unfold – tears, laughter and every emotion in between.

It seems to be must go place for break ups – or make ups and a great deal of time is spent either wiping away tears or eating faces. All life is here.

It is also one of those places, that despite the piped music allows snatches of conversation to waft over the table tops – most thankfully ignored, but every now and again one does get through and you find yourself, before self-discipline takes over, being drawn in.

One recent conversation between a couple who had spent the best part of an hour staring out of separate windows barely speaking, suddenly exploded into life with the words – “Well you bought me them”

The man leapt to his feet as scalded adjusting his skinny jeans as he went and began to remonstrate afresh with the woman – let’s assume girlfriend – opposite – “You mean I don’t look good in them?,” he asked.

I bit my lip and tried very hard not to listen further, but couldn’t help but smile when the dissemination of his outfit (cardigan, t-shirt, skinny jeans and pointed cowboy boots) progressed to his choice of messenger bags.

It turns out that it was the only thing out of his whole ensemble that he had chosen for himself and he had chosen well – a distressed brown leather number – no label, just well care worn and in my opinion at least, stylish.

At which point it struck how little most men influence their own look. There have been a great many surveys suggesting outrageous percentages of men rely almost entirely on their women folk to mold if not choose their look.

And of course that flies in the very face of the idea that fashion designers pull the strings – or do they? Is it a case of the catwalks in London, Paris and Milan over the last few weeks being observed in the main women on behalf of their menfolk?


Though we at Blokesbags believe that trend is one that is changing and men are beginning to dress themselves and as in the case of our man in the picking his own man bags.

When we started a little over four years ago, the vast majority of our range of bags for men, be they messenger bags, holdalls, briefcases or men’s handbags were bought by women for men.

Today, that is no longer the case and excepting Christmas and Birthday’s when they are of course bought as gifts, the majority of our men’s bags are bought by men for themselves.

So well done to my man in the cafe, there are hundreds of men’s messenger bags to choose from you, and you chose well. So how about trusting your taste and extending that choice to the rest?

Go on, you know you want to!

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