Men’s Bags To Get Bolder?

THE round of men’s fashions shows for Autumn/Winter 2013 are over and models are heading home and the designers returning to their workshops to begin work on the Spring Summer shows for 2014.

So we know what the big names are going to put into their boutiques in a few months, which gives us a pretty good idea of what the High Street chains are putting into production as I write.

Not the same, because that would be piracy, but you can bet your bottom dollar that the clothes hung on the rails of Next, Burtons and Top will be remarkably similar to the designs we have seen over the last few weeks.

There will be black and white clothing in abundance, lots of checks and hounds tooth, with the browns, greens and mustards of the country gent look thrown in for good measure.

The flamboyant cashmere and mohair knitted creations seen on the backs of models on the Paul Smith and Versace catwalks will be muted slightly, but they will be on the High Street by September.

The same as the other hotly tipped creation – animal prints, they were then again in the Paul Smith collection and tipped by Louis Vuitton who concentrated on a collected that suggested gentleman explorer heading out on a super luxurious trip

But how far can you go before the clothes become unwearable? That is the joy of what happens next – the extremes are taken, noted and then interpreted for you and me – the man in the street, the buyer!

Here at Blokesbags we have yet to see what will happen to men’s bags, but it is fair to say that animal prints will feature as will black and white, hounds tooth and check as well as tweed.

Over the next few weeks men’s bag designers will be giving us a glimpse of their new collections at Spring Fair at the NEC and other accessory shows, such as PURE and MODA.

It will be interesting and we expect to see some of the man bag designers attempting to go bold – Ashwood Leather have tried it a few times, but with limited success, but nice to see then at the cutting edge, nonetheless.

My Cambridge Satchel

My Cambridge Satchel (Photo credit: adamwilson)

Most other designers of men’s bags are relatively conservative, though it is interesting to note that Eton Mudd have launched a brand new collection and the Cambridge Satchel company are launching their own menswear collection.

And finally we note from The Guardian’s fashion spotters that the Phillip Lim biker inspired collection including slouchy leather and suede back packs.

Bring it on!



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