Men’s Bags From Men’s Fashion Week’s Collections

Men's fashion silhouette of 1837 shows broad s...

Men’s fashion silhouette of 1837 shows broad shoulders and a narrow, tightly cinched waist. Fashion plate from Modes de Paris Journal des Tailleurs, October 16, 1837. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Here we go again – men’s fashion week has now arrived in Paris and the first models took to the catwalks yesterday morning.

But what are we actually learning from this seemingly endless round of showcases? How much will actually translate into clothing on the bodies of people like you and me?

It goes without saying that some of the more outlandish examples will never make the racks in Marks and Spencer or Burton’s and I can never envisage frilly underwear going anywhere other than certain XXX websites, but some of the others will begin to filter through as early as Summer.

As with every fashion show there are spotters watching the big names who put in all the initial design work, only to see their work ‘interpreted’ by the High Street for their own stores.

In the odd world that is fashion, it is rare for anyone to be taken to task for copying designs, though it does and will continue to happen, but in the main the big names seem to roll with it, taking it more as a compliment than counterfeit.

And that my friend is why you pay top dollar for the names such as Gucci, Prada, Versace and the like. It is them that pay the very best of designers and it is they that take their roadshow around the world and that is in itself outrageously expensive.

So when you pay several hundred if not several thousand pounds for a suit with a designer label sewn into it, you are actually paying for everyone to have the chance to wear something similar. Similar, but not the same. Similar, but with a different label.

And it is the same in the world of men’s bags. What is on the catwalks of London, Milan, Florence, Paris and New York will be on sale by the end of the year, subtly changed, bearing a different label, but heavily influenced.

It happens at every level – the fashion houses are the trendsetters and the rest of us the workhorses, the sellers and it all fuels the fantastically expensive machine that is fashion – men’s and women’s.

As it filters down the price reduces and thankfully in the world of men’s bags at least, that means that you can have bags of breathtakingly similar designs, made sometimes of higher quality materials at lower prices.

Funny old world. But if you want the label, you pay handsomely for it, and it is not like you have to wait long for the me-toos to come out. What we are viewing now on the catwalks will be in the shops in no time at all – depending of course on the collection – Summer/Autumn, Winter/Spring.

So watch this space and you will find new designs of men’s bags arriving at Blokesbags by Summer fromr last Autumn’s catwalk collections and by the end of Summer for the designs we have seen this week.

The mad scramble to get there first begins now – in fact in factories across the world materials will be being cut and machinery set up to do just that and they will be rolling off within days to arrive back here in no time at all.

Thank goodness the world of men’s bags is not the same as women’s where the seasons really do matter and designs change at least twice a year. In our world we move at a more leisurely pace and bags hang around for a year if not two.

Though I suspect that is only because it is a new market and as the influence of the leading fashion houses is brought to bear then that will change and if we fall for it, we will be replacing our man bags on a far more regular basis.

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