Messenger bags are great, one of the finest additions to fashion in the last two decades

Like many people we at Blokesbags carry them everywhere and appreciate the fact that these days we don't have to leave our gadgets behind when going out and appreciate the fact that messenger bags also represent a genuine alternative to the ageing briefcase.

But we also know that there is nothing more annoying than a shoulder strap that constantly i-stay messenger bagslips off your shoulder, because either the jacket you are wearing is padded and or shiny or the strap lacks a comfort pad.

Enter the i-stay range of men's bags that were introduced this year with patented shoulder strap technology that stops the shoulder strap sliding off your shoulder no matter what you are wearing.

Those clever people at i-stay have introduced a range of bags, including messenger bags, iPad bags and backpacks all with interchangeable shoulder straps available in a variety of colours.

The i-stay iPad bag means that you can carry your iPad in comfort and safe in the knowledge that you will not be constantly hitching it back into place when walking.

Made of durable black nylon it also looks good enough to carry whilst wearing a suit and features  two main pockets accessed by two way zips with the fist containing drop pockets for credit cards and pens and the second a padded sleeve to keep your iPad safe and secure.

All in all a well sized portable good looking office, which measures 28.5 x 22.5 x 7cms and costs just £49.99.

But if you want bigger, then the same i-Stay technology is applied to the i-stay  laptop messenger bags. Also made of durable black nylon, it is also in effect a mini organiser that has drop pockets for your mobiles, pens, coins and credit cards and of course a padded sleeve for your laptop.

Measuring 40 x 33 x 8cms  it comes in at just £69.99

And if you are still reluctant to take the full man bag plunge then check out the i-stay laptop backpack. Good looking in black durable nylon it too features an organiser with drop pockets for pens, mobiles and credit cards as well as a velcro secured fully padded laptop sleeve.

It measures 38 x 28 x 14cms and so will sit comfortably on you back (without the straps slipping down your arms) and all this costs just £74.99.

One day all shoulder straps will be made this way.


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