Meggings And Messenger Bags – Would You Wear Them?

The furore surrounding the meggings seems at last to be dying down, but don’t be fooled that doesn’t mean that they have gone away.

Jasper: tingle tangel

Jasper: tingle tangel (Photo credit: Jasper Gregory)

As is the way of these things, they will continue to be worn by so called celebrities (some of whom are clearly paid to parade in them) and the media will continue to shout from the rooftops about how impractical they are and how they will never be adopted by fashion conscious men.

Then slowly but surely they will be introduced by more and more designers into their fashion collections and they will begin to appear on the man in the street. Just watch. It happens with all fashion and meggings will be no different.

They made an appearance this week at the Milan Men’s Fashion Show in the Armani collection where they appeared in grey and was the strongest indication that Armani who has not had the best of shows in recent years, will not be muzzled.

But it the fashion favourites of the likes of Justin Bieber , he might be a poster boy for girls, but that does not necessarily translate, Lenny Kravitz and Russel Brand who has not moved on much from the skinny jeans he has favoured for the past decade.

And the good news (for most of us) is that thus far, they are very difficult to get hold of in the UK, in fact despite googling at length the only one to come back was a European brand, Adrian, that are available through (sic).

But what has struck me are two things – cyclists already wear them when out in public and others wear them for running or in the gym, so is it really such a big step from last season’s favourite skinny jeans.

Yes, it is, not every man, or should that be not many men have the sort of legs that you would lust after and the tightness around the nether regions does nothing for the bulge that is the man

But from our point of view at Blokesbags, we figure that if they do catch on, then sales of man bags will rise alongside, because rather like cycling pants, there are no pockets, with the possible exception of one across the base of the spine.

Which got us to thinking – which of our man bags would you put with a pair of meggings? Good question. A man’s handbag worn on the wrist would not look out of place, and a good cross body men’s shoulder bag or one of our cross body messenger bags might not look out of place.

We would shy away from messenger bags worn on one shoulder as they symmetry of the bag against the thigh would only accentuate any muscular deficiencies in that area (or put another way, make you look skinny).

Or if you don’t fancy messenger bags, then you will have to pair meggings with holdalls – god knows you will need the space if you are going to want to carry anything at all.

Meggings, mantyhose, men’s leggings call them what you will, might be passable under shorts, but by themselves? Let’s hope not. But stranger things have happened to men’s fashions and if they appear in Burtons next year, then we are all doomed!

Come on guys let us know what you think? Would you? What do you think of the look? Let us know at:

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