Leather Holdalls That Will Last For Years

Leather holdalls are a sound investment and well looked after will last for years.

You have to pay more for the privilege of owning leather holdalls, but they pay you back with year after year of versatile usability and often look even better with age.

The best thing about a well-chosen holdall is that it can be used as a gym bag (or general sports bag) as an overnighter or as a weekend holdall, or all of the aforementioned.

All it takes is a little care – try to avoid it getting wet, as this can lead to staining and depending on how you want it to look, apply a little polish to it every now and again.

Oiled leathers age very gracefully with the oils in the leather causing it become softer over time and either you can add polish and it will go darker or you can leave it looking distressed.

But be careful, all leather needs some care, even if it is only every now and again – you would be amazed at the rejuvenating effects of just one application of a good polish such as wheeler’s leather balm.

The amount of care leather holdalls need, all rather depends on what you use it for. Regular trips to the gym for instance will obviously take more out of them than a bag only being used occasionally as weekend luggage.

And a note of caution here – yes they make great gym bags, but do, please keep them off the floor in the changing room. Water and leather do not mix!

However, we have seen leather holdalls that have relished regular use and now look better more than 10 years down the line than they did when they came out of their wrapper.

The type of leather you choose will also make a difference. Leather thickness varies, but he general rule of thumb is the more you pay (within reason), the better the cows leather (though this does not of course apply to distressed styles). Bull’s leather is another step up both in the weight of the leather used and as a result, the price.

But the choice is yours. Go for what you like, but just remember every now and again to give it a little TLC. If you require any more information regarding our range then please do drop us an email.

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