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Men's bags are still in transition and for many men the man bag of choice is still the backpack. Their origins are thought to be ancient when they were used by hunters to carry their prey and were generally made of animal skins. But times have changed as have the bags that we supply.

We do not specialise in Backpacks used for weekend hikes, nor do we sell the larger rucksacks, but our backpacks are carefully selected for use on an everyday basis and in the main are made of either cotton weave, a form of PU or leather.

They are practical and stylish, but have the advantage of leaving the hands free for cycling or even simply barging your way onto the tube in rush hour. We even supply larger versions with wheels for when travelling.

The bags we supply are also very popular among students as school bags, but be careful not to buy a Schoolbag that is too big for youngsters or allow them to carry too much as recent health advice suggests that they could suffer back problems in later life. All Schoolbags feature a multiple number of pockets, keeping all your belongings separate and easy to find, not least your mobile phone, wallet and in some cases, your laptop which are housed in removable padded sleeves.

If bags for men are still an anathema to you or the intended recipient then backpacks are the ideal compromise and can be seen on the backs of people on their way to and from the office in the place of traditional briefcases or more recently messenger bags.

However, you don't have to be stuck with a hiker's style pack, instead you can opt for one that is more befitting of your own personal style and the great thing is, you don't have to wear it across both shoulders, for convenience, one will do.

They can carry larger loads and some are designed for weights of up to 10kg, but be careful, if you don't secure it properly then they can cause back problems - something you should consider carefully if considering one as a school bag.

They are hard wearing, fit for purpose and in many ways and for many people the perfect man bag.

Bench Eclipse backpack
Measures 38 x 31 x 12cms
1 colours available
Price: 29.99 (Inc VAT)
Midnight Express backpack
Measures 36 x 28 x 14cms
2 colours available
Price: 42.99 (Inc VAT)
Dunlop backpack
Measures 42 x 34 x 18cms
1 colours available
Price: 45.99 (Inc VAT)
Storm backpack
Measures 43 x 32 x 20cms
2 colours available
Price: 49.00 (Inc VAT)

Gino Ferrari Juno laptop backpack
Measures 45 x 34 x 16cms
1 colours available
Price: 49.99 (Inc VAT)
Gino Ferrari Inca laptop backpack
Measures 47 x 33 x 16cms
1 colours available
Price: 64.99 (Inc VAT)
Sativa rucksack
Measures 32 x 28cms
4 colours available
Price: 67.99 (Inc VAT)
i-stay laptop backpack
Measures 38 x 28 x 3cms
1 colours available
Price: 74.99 (Inc VAT)

Sativa laptop rucksack
Measures 41 x 30 x 15cms
2 colours available
Price: 82.99 (Inc VAT)
The Wedge commuter iPad backpack
Measures 38 x 29 x 20cms
1 colours available
Price: 67.99 (Inc VAT)
Unit Portable backpack
Measures 51 x 41.5 x 14cm
1 colours available
Price: 99.00 (Inc VAT)
Gino Ferrari wheeler laptop backpack
Measures 56 x 37 x 24cms
1 colours available
Price: 109.99 (Inc VAT)

Visconti backpack
Measures 20 x 35 x 19cms
2 colours available
Price: 112.99 (Inc VAT)
Hunter backpack
Measures 38 x 30 x 12 cms
1 colours available
Price: 115.00 (Inc VAT)
Natural leather backpack
Measures 45 x 30 x 13cms
3 colours available
Price: 139.99 (Inc VAT)
Sandstorm backpack
Measures 62 x 33 x 26cms
1 colours available
Price: 145.00 (Inc VAT)

Drift rucksack
Measures 42 x 38 x 20cms
2 colours available
Price: 159.99 (Inc VAT)
Pell Mell leather duffle
Measures 49 x 29cms
1 colours available
Price: 169.99 (Inc VAT)
Rowallan laptop rucksack
Measures 42 x 30 x 14
1 colours available
Price: 169.99 (Inc VAT)
Natural leather backpack briefcase
Measures 50 x 34 x 18cms
2 colours available
Price: 225.00 (Inc VAT)

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