About us

We are a small company operated by a husband and wife team in the beautiful city of Bath in the UK.

The company was formed out of a long standing passion for men's bags, crystallised a few years ago when David realised that people had stopped taking the mickey out of him for carrying a man bag and had started asking where he had bought it from.

So in October 2008 we launched the first version of Blokesbags - an altogether much smaller affair, but it was still the only site on the web to deal exclusively in a range of bags for men and the tagline, 'because there should only be one bulge in your suit', certainly helped to get it noticed.

Then the range grew, massively, and a second, swishier version of the online store was launched in March 2011. People seemed to like it.

Three years on and we have relaunched Blokesbags for a third time, making sure we keep the look ‘on trend’ but never losing sight of what our customers continue to tell us is most important to them – durable bags that are fit for purpose.

And it won’t end there. We will continue to select and commission bags that deliver what our customers want; always championing functionality, quality and price, whist also seeking innovation in form, materials and style. In other words, David’s passion for men’s bags hasn’t wavered.

We have enjoyed putting this range together for you – we hope you like it – we’d love to hear what you think.If you would like to give us any feedback or have any comments, queries or problems then don’t hesitate to contact us via email at sales@blokesbags.co.uk or ring us on +44 (0)1225 952852.

All the best,

David and Carole
Directors, Blokesbags

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